Do you need reliable, returning workers for your harvest period?

We can help!
speediestaffsolutions is approved by the Australian Federal Government to provide seasonal workers from ten Pacific Nations to assist farmers with their harvest tasks.

We provide:

  • Australian growers with a motivated and reliable returning workforce for your peak harvest period.
  • Administration of return international airfares, visas, payment of wages, accommodation, transport and pastoral care for the workers.

The benefits:

  • Growers benefit from an increasingly efficient workforce
  • Our Workers benefit from the ability to earn money and learn skills to help their families and communities back home.

All you need to do is supervise their work, sign off timesheets and pay our Invoice.

About the Programme

The Programme is open to employers in the following industries:

  • Horticulture
  • Agriculture
  • Cotton
  • Sugar Cane
  • Aquaculture

The participating sectors in the Programme have long spoken of the difficulties of attracting and retaining reliable seasonal labour. Many businesses report that they experience high turnover, and therefore spend time and money constantly training workers for their peak seasons.

What work can seasonal workers do for you?

Under the Federal Government Rules for the Seasonal Worker Programme, seasonal workers can undertake the following work:


  • Sowing, planting and cultivating agricultural holdings.
  • Flower or vegetable market gardens in connection with the sowing, planting, raising, cultivation, harvesting, picking, packing or treating of horticulture crops, including fruit and vegetables upon farms, orchards and/or plantations.
  • Clearing, fencing, trenching, draining or otherwise preparing or treating land for the sowing, raising, harvesting or treating of horticulture crops, including fruit and vegetables.
  • Viticulture activities to prepare land for planting of wine grape vines, and the pruning, growing treating, picking, harvesting and forwarding of wine grapes.


  • Dairying.
  • Hatchery work.
  • Sowing, raising or harvesting of crops grown as part of a crop or broad acre mixed farming enterprise.
  • Assisting with livestock management/handling.
  • Treatment of land for crops or livestock.
  • Clearing, fencing or assisting with well sinking, dam sinking or trenching on properties.

Cotton Work

  • General farm work.
  • Ground preparation, planting, irrigating, harvesting or treating of cotton and other crops.
  • Loading trucks, cleaning, storing, operating and maintaining equipment (including tractors).
  • Weeding, fencing, trenching, draining or otherwise preparing land.
  • General farm maintenance.
  • Tractor operations.

Cane Work

  • General farm work.
  • Tilling, sowing, planting, raising, irrigating, treating and testing of cane crops
  • Cleaning and storing equipment.
  • Harvesting and haul work.
  • Weeding, clearing, fencing, trenching, draining or otherwise preparing land.
  • Pest and disease control.

Aquaculture Work

  • Attending mooring pens.
  • Washing and changing nets.
  • Moving materials and equipment.
  • Loading, unloading, moving, packing and construction of shellfish culture mediums (including baskets, cages, droplines and oyster racking).
  • Operating boats (including loading and unloading boats).
  • Harvesting and husbanding fish.
  • Recording data.
  • Operating mechanical equipment such as grading machines.
  • Preparing product for market/transport.
  • General maintenance duties (but not mechanic’s duties).

Why Seasonal Workers from the Pacific Islands?

  • Seasonal Worker Programme backed by Federal Government.
  • Recruited specifically for your business.
  • Motivated employees in Australia for the sole purpose of working.
  • A hardworking, reliable and returning workforce.
  • No need to re-train resulting in potential productivity gains for Growers.
  • Available for up to nine months each year on-going.
  • Are keen contributors to the local community.

Seasonal workers can be recruited from the following participating countries:

The Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste, The Republic of Kiribati, The Republic of Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Independent State of Samoa, Solomon Islands, Kingdom of Tonga, Tuvalu, Republic of Vanuatu, Fiji…