DES is part of the Australian Government’s employment services system.

The DES program has been designed in order to give jobseekers who require additional assistance due to a disability or from facing complex barriers, tailored assistance in order to find and maintain suitable employment.

There are 2 services that fall under the program and these are Disability Management Service (DMS) and Employment Support Service (ESS). DMS provides short term assistance and is aimed at jobseekers who may have a mild disability, temporary injury or illness and will need minimal assistance once in the workplace. ESS is aimed to provide a more long term support system to the client and employer, jobseekers who have a permanent disability, illness or injury will generally be referred to this program.

Work Assist has been developed under the DES services to assist people with a disability who are having issues with their employment and need additional support remain in that employment with our intervention.

Eligible School Leavers (ESL) is another program under the DES service that is designed to support students with a disability in their last year of school to transition smoothly from school to work. Providing support and teaching them skills in the year prior to transitioning. Students with a disability also undertaking and ASBAT are eligible for this supported service.

Services provided to jobseekers:

  • Regular appointments with an Employment Consultant.
  • Assistance with job search and tailored job search.
  • Assistance obtaining skills and qualifications.
  • Post Placement Support once in employment for both the jobseeker and employer.
  • Assistance with getting modifications to a workplace or purchase of special tools or equipment if required.
  • Assistance in the workplace.

At Jobs Australia Enterprises Ltd, the DES program is delivered to our Participants on a holistic level.

We identify the Participants barriers to employment no matter how big or small, assess their skills and abilities, review qualifications and previous employment history and look into potential employment paths.

With our Participants we then build an individually tailored pathway plan with the aim of placing the Participant in sustainable employment in their identified employment. We then identify what we need to do to make this happen, whether it be updated qualifications, work experience, workplace modifications or linking in with additional medical or support services.

We are an Organisation that is aware that there is a number of different supports that should be available in order to assist and support our Participants to reach their goals and as such make sure that we utilise them. We link in with other service providers that have been identified in the creation of the Participants pathway plan, we build a relationship with employers in order to assist with preventing issues before they occur and also so the employer is aware that both they and the Participant have additional support when needed.