The Learner Driver Mentor Program (LDMP) supports Leaner drivers to become licenced drivers by allowing them use of a vehicle for on-road practice while a volunteer mentor supervises them. The program is designed to assist learner drivers aged between 16 – 24 years who do not have access to a qualified supervising driver or access to a vehicle but need to meet the licensing requirements of the New South Wales (NSW) Graduated Licensing Scheme for employment or other reasons. LDMP’s may support the learners in “logging” some or all of the required practice hours.

The LDMP began in Armidale NSW in 2016 and is a community based program. Learners and mentors have access to either an automatic or manual vehicle to drive in. Jobs Australia Enterprises is partnered with UNE and Armdiale Regional Council to start the program in the Armidale area and with the success of the program, we are looking at expanding the program to Tamworth and Gunnedah regions in Late 2019.

The program is available to the most disadvantaged youth in our community.  For many people, securing a drivers license helps address barriers to employment and can also assist in other areas of social isolation and increase community participation. Jobs Australia Enterprises are proud to offer this program to the whole of the community and assist young people to develop safe driving skills with the generous help of volunteers/mentors.