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 Horticulture in Australia

Horticulture in Australia is a multi-billion dollar industry that employs around 55,000 people.

Horticulture is a branch of agriculture. It involves cultivating, growing, maintaining and harvesting fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, trees, flowers and other plants. Horticulture mainly involves producing food for consumption and growing plants for medicinal, recreational or aesthetic purposes.

Jobs in horticulture include:

·        Nursery worker

·        Plant pathologist

·        Horticulture consultant

·        Plant care worker

·        Horticulture technician

·        Ornamental horticulturist

·        Parks and gardens assistant


The CII in Horticulture is a nationally accredited course.

To qualify for a CII in Horticulture a student must successfully complete:

1.     5 Core Units

2.     10 elective units

Core units:

·        AHCPCM201    Recognise plants

·        AHCPMG201   Treat weeds

·        AHCPMG202   Treat plant pests, diseases and disorders

·        AHCSOL202     Assist with soil or growing media sampling and testing

·        AHCWHS201   Participate in work health and safety processes


Elective units offered by Altitude Training Solutions:

·        AHCNSY201    Pot up plants

·        AHCNSY202    Care for Nursery Plants

·        AHCNSY203    Undertake propagation activities

·        AHCPGD201   Plant trees and shrubs

·        AHCPGD203   Prune shrubs and small trees

·        AHCWRK205  Participate in workplace communications

·        AHCWRK209  Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

·        AHCCHM201  Apply chemicals under supervision

·        AHCWRK204  Work effectively in the industry

·        FSKLRG006 Participate in Work Placement

On successful completion of this course, a students will receive a Certificate II in Horticulture.

If a student successfully completes some, however not all, of the units in this course they will receive a Statement of Attainment for those units.


The duration of the above course is 415 hours. This is usually delivered on a part-time basis. For example, 2 days a week for 33 weeks.

Entry Requirements:

Language and literacy skills at a level needed to successfully undertake a Certificate II course.

Physically able to undertake activities in the field, with reasonable adjustment where appropriate.

Opportunities for Further Study

Students can choose to undertake further studies on completion of this course. Examples include:

AHC30716 CIII in Horticulture

AHC40416 CIV in Horticulture

AHC31416 CIII in Conservation and Land Management

Please note, Altitude Training Solutions does not offer the above courses.


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