Jobs Australia Enterprises Ltd has a vision for assisting women and children to escape domestic violence  and provide them with crisis accommodation in the Gunnedah community and surrounds.

Victims of domestic violence often do not leave the household for a number of reasons including not having a safe, supportive environment for themselves and their children to go to at short notice.

This is particularly the case in regional New South Wales but the House of Hope will provide that option.

There are times at Gunnedah where we have relied on the good nature of accommodation businesses to take in victims of domestic violence but this is often very short term and due to the lack of a suitable alternative, these victims often find themselves back in the violent environment from which they escaped. This further exposes them and their children to violence.

Having the crisis accommodation is an opportunity to break this cycle, to offer a safe haven and to provide a better outcome for victims of domestic violence.

Jobs Australia Enterprises Ltd is working to establish a women’s and children’s refuge next door to the local police station. Jobs Australia Enterprises Ltd I also suggested that CCTV is highly desirable along with other security measures. 

If successful the allocation of Stronger Country Communities funds for this project would be money very well spent, helping Jobs Australia Enterprise to meet a strong community need.