The New Careers for Aboriginal People (NCAP) Program assists Aboriginal people to access education and training pathways that address their individual needs and enhance their prospects of gaining ongoing sustainable employment opportunities.

The objective of the NCAP Program is to increase the participation of Aboriginal people in the labour market through identifying, creating and supporting sustainable education, training and employment opportunities at a local level. NCAP programs are staff by Aboriginal people experienced with the needs of the Aboriginal communities and have established networks with employers, business groups and training providers with in their local region.

NCAP deals with a range of stake holders, including:

  • Employers
  • Job Services Australia providers (JSA)
  • Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal community organisations
  • Registered Training Organisations (RTO)
  • Group Training Organisations (GTO)
  • Australian Apprenticeships Centres (AAC)
  • Government Agencies

Your Local NCAP employment advisor can help assist clients plan their future career options by looking at their needs and ambitions, and tailoring a career plan that suits each client’s needs.

Our NCAP Employment Advisor can assist Aboriginal people find work by:

  • Providing training in job search
  • Assist with resumes, job applications and interview preparations
  • Provide career planning advice
  • Provide training and skills development advice
  • Accessing employment networks
  • Providing job placement monitoring and mentoring
  • Job Support and advice

NCAP is open to all Aboriginal people who wish to find work or improve their current job situations. To register for this program, or for more information, please contact our NCAP Aboriginal Employment Advisor, Darren Finn,  on 0419 518 493

Coverage Area

Jobs Australia Enterprises NCAP Coverage Area Map

The Aboriginal Enterprise Development Officer program is funded and administered by the Department of Industry, Training and Services NSW, Aboriginal Services.

‘Aboriginal’ includes Torres Strait Islander